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IPL Hair Removal - Women

IPL Hair Removal - Women

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Winter is the best time to treat hairs as there is minimal pigment in the skin surrounding  the hair.  Want to see what it feels like?

The treatment

Prices are per session, it is recommended to have at least 6 sessions.

However pricing per session varies as the hair reduces. Pay as you go - no payments needed up front.

Your therapist will determine your hair and skin type at your initial consultation and will then perform a test patch, using the setting that best suits your individual features.

The hair in the treatment area will be trimmed and a cooling gel applied, ensuring that the light energy is used effectively. Your therapist will then place the IPL applicator on the area of your skin to be treated. Your skin will then be exposed to a series of light pulses, flashing in rapid succession. At this point you may feel a short, warm prickle or ping. It really depends on the hair and area being treated and your individual pain tolerance. The treatment is fast and can take as little as ten minutes.

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