Dermal Needling

Also known as Micro-Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy, is the process of creating micro-channels in the skin with three main aims –

  1. To dramatically enhance the absorption of intensive topical products
  2. To stimulate the skins’ own regenerative capability by improving collagen creation.
  3. Relax expression lines

Resulting in improved skin texture, wrinkle depth, scaring and general overall youth vitality of the skin cells.

At Tonic we use the state-of-the-art M Pen Pro which delivers a far more superior treatment than previous ‘roller’ versions. The treatment is completely customizable to best target your needs. The minimally invasive technique uses a blend of active serums created during your treatment and the needle depth is adjusted throughout the treatment to create the optimal skin response. Vibrational technology also works to eliminate any potential discomfort. Pre-sterilized, disposable needle cartridges are used to ensure optimal hygiene.

Designed to complement and encourage boosted regeneration of the skin, our treatment is completed with the application of a specially designed mask to deeply hydrate and heighten cellular activity, along with serums and creams to give the skin everything needed for regeneration and growth.

This advanced dermal aesthetic procedure requires a complimentary 20 minute pre- treatment consultation to tailor the treatment to your personal requirements. A treatment plan and quote will be given. Please give us a call 09 8179937 to consult and book in.

The treatment takes 1 hour and includes the appropriate home care serum for two weeks post care. Which serum you take home will depend on your personal concern.