Power of Three Facials

Elevate your skin care this winter with a Power of Three programme -Start anytime in June/July

Why do a course of treatments? Because the impact of the treatments build on each other and work more effectively, resulting in longer lasting results.

Payment options: 50% at treatment 1 and 50% at treatment 2. Serum given at full payment.

Conditions: consultations will be needed pre needling and IPL to confirm appropriateness and scheduling may need to be adjusted if you are traveling to sunnier places.


3 Treatments + Ultra Lipid SOS serum   $528, save $68

1)Organic Radiance Facial 40min

2)Level 1 Peel

3)Hydra4 Intensive

For those who find their skin becomes drier and often more sensitive with the onset of colder weather and dry heating. This programme aims to establish a strong hydro- lipid skin barrier to seal in moisture and reduce skin irritations.

Home Hint: Make sure you keep hydrated during the day, swap your coffee for green tea which has great antioxidant effects.  Using a richer or more soothing moisturiser and/or Hydrating Mask weekly will make a big difference. 


3 Treatments +a Redline Dermobooster Serum of your choice $608, save $84

1)Brightening Facial

2)Level 2 peel

3)Sothys MDBooster Intensive 

If you have uneven pigment from sun exposure or feel a loss of skin clarity and vitality, then now is the time to target these areas that need to have minimal UV exposure pre and post treatment.

Home Hint: Swap out your serums for the more intensive Retinol and Vitamin C cosmeceuticals.  These actives work on pigment reduction and regulating a more even cell distribution and renewal.  Result - Stronger, firmer more even tone and texture.


3 treatments + Regenerative Repair Serum, $595 save $114

1)Level 2 peel

2)Intensed Pulsed light skin rejuvenation

3)Dermal Pen needling

For those who have a regular skincare programme at home and a stable skin structure.  In this programme we aim to target multiple areas of concern. Pigmentation, capillary dilation, collagen loss. Bring your skin back to life with our best anti-ageing treatments combined to stimulate and support production, smooth fine lines and refresh the skin. Again, these treatments are best done in the depths of winter.

Home Hint: Support the collagen induction by taking a course of the Skin Ultimate Beauty Pods from Advance Nutrition. With vitamin A+D, Antioxidant botanicals, selenium, omegas 3+6,bioten astaxanthin, pine bark and C0Q10. Supports the skin cell rejuvenation from the inside.

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