Face Treatments

Skin analysis and prescription ˆ45 min $60
Advice on home-care treatments, salon or other health professional programmes to improve your skin.
Complimentary with products or treatments purchased on the day over $60.

Relaxation Spa Facials

Seasonal Fruit Oxygenating Facial ˆ 45 min  $98

Each season Sothys combines delicious new fruits to create a fruit cocktail that not only smells heavenly but is full of anti-oxidants to invigorate the skin. Fantastic for tired, dry skins. Each season is different.

Radiance Facial ˆ 30 min  $62

A quick skin refresh and relax. Skin is exfoliated, hydrated and shoulders relaxed. The perfect add-on to a back massage.

Balancing Facial ˆ 60 min  $108

A classical facial with lots of massage to restore balance. Includes serums, masks and moisturisers chosen by your therapist for your particular skin conditions. A good place to start if you are unsure which treatment will be best for you.

Correcting Treatment ˆ 45-60 min  From $100
Suitable for acneic or problem skins. Gentle enzymatic exfoliation, extractions (as required) and a cooling calming mask. Completed with a treatment cream infused with healing essential oils. Skin is left feeling comfortable and fresh.

Berry AHA Facial ˆ 45 min $98
A Bernard Cassiere treatment combining the red berries of raspberry, cranberry, bilberry and blackcurrant, naturally rich in AHA’s. Gives radiance and brightness to your skin. Ideal for preventing the first signs of ageing.

Resurfacing Peeling Treatment ˆ 45 - 60 min  $126
Cosmeceutical skin peeling for intensive salon use. Loosens and eliminates dead skin cells, stimulating healthy cell renewal. A complete skin treatment to detoxify,rejuvenate rebalance and oxygenate the skin. Helps fight the oxidising effects of stress, tabacco, pollution, and sun. Uses a Sothys unique blend of Glycolic and Salicylic acids and anti-oxidant cocktail. Skin is visibly clearer, smoother and brighter for a longer time.

Sensitive Soothing Treatment ˆ 60mins $130   Fragrance free and hypoallergenic,the new Spa Thermal Water has been specifically formulated to provide sensitive skin with formulars that have the utmost respect for it fragile nature. The meticulous selection of every active ingredient combined with the Spa Thermal Water helps to Protect,Soothe and Balance.

Specialised Intensive Face Treatments

Salon specialist treatments are recommended as a course of four facials done over one month to achieve intensive, proven and long-lasting results. Receive a 10% discount when booking your course.

C Collagen / Hyaluronic Treatment ˆ 1½ hours  $162
For outstanding anti-wrinkle and firming results, this treatment utilises the new generation scientific discovery of cosmeceutical products on skin ageing. Helps diminish lines and reinforce the skin’s structure as well as smooth and relax tense facial features. The Sothys exclusive massage technique used, aids in deeper penetration of the cosmeceutical ingredients which invigorates the muscles to give a manual lifting effect.

Hydra 3 ˆ 1¼ hours  $160
The ultimate hydrator. Advanced biotechnology uses serums and emulsions to help skin regain long-term comfort and suppleness. Ideal for pre and post air travel or skins aggravated by air conditioning and stress. Very relaxing.

Energising Treatment ˆ 1¼ hours $165

 A universal treatment for all skin types requiring an active boost to the energy of your cells. This intensive facial incorporates Sothys specific massage movements and the power of Siberian Ginsing to immediately reveal a more refreshed and radiant complextion.

Microdermabrasion ˆ 30 min $100
A manual machine exfoliation using aluminium oxide crystals to refine the skins texture. A popular technique for skin rejuvenation. Effective and with almost total absence of side effects. A closed vacuum system delivers the oxide crystals to the skin and whisks the tissue and crystals away to a sterile container. Stimulates new skin cell growth and collagen production leaving your skin feeling tighter and smoother. Consultation with our team is required to ascertain your skins suitability and treatment options for best results.

Brightening Program with Vitamin C ˆ 1¼ hours  $142
The passage of time is not only shown by wrinkles. A dull complexion and pigmented spots are equally visible signs that can prematurely age the face. This cosmecuetical formulation and treatment preserves the radiance and uniformity of the skin colour. Brightening the complexion giving translucence and radiance. For best results on uneven coloured skin a full range of specific homecare is available and recommended.

Glysalac Clinical Line Facial ˆ 30-60 minutes $90-$130

Created by the Sothys USA laboratories, an intensive formulation of glycolic and salicylic acids at specific pecentages and pH levels to give a safe, deep skin exfoliation. The full 60 minute facial combines the intensive Glysalac acid gel within a classical facial to not only intensify the results but restore balance. The 30 minute option is usually performed when doing the peeling treatments as a course.

Lactic Acid Facial ˆ 30-45 minutes $100-$130

Created by Sothys USA laboratories, a multi action peel combining lactic acid and cotton extracts to resurface the skin, boost cell renewal, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, pulling in hydration and stimulating natural collagen production. Great for aging or dry skin.

Face Additions

Extraction of congestion can be performed during all treatments if required. Only pre-sterilised and disposable lances are used for your safety and hygiene.

Eye Contour Care ˆ 60 min as a complete facial $110 or 20min added to a facial $50
A treatment,specifically designed for the eye contour area, helps immediately diminish signs of fatigue and ageing in 4 key steps. Combining the hands of the therapist with cool porcelain spoons specially designed for Sothys. (To be added on to your facial)

De-stressing Back Massage (added to a facial) ˆ 30min  $55
A relaxing massage of the back and shoulders to enable deeper relaxation during your facial and greater relief from the facial massage of the neck and head.